Storage & Delivery



We can store baggage for passengers who have made reservations for return trips.

$20 per bag ( up to 10 kg), plus $20 for each additional 10 kg.
We do not accept bags for storage that are over 30 kg.

Passengers should bring the bags to be stored to the bus on their departure date.

The driver will weigh the bags & charge the passenger the storage fee.

We will have the bags on the bus on the return trip reservation date.

If passengers take the return trip before their reserved date, the bags won’t be on the bus unless the passenger gives us 1 day notice. In this case the passengers can have the bags delivered to them ( at their expense ), or they can retrieve the bags by meeting our bus before it departs from Victoria at 6:15 AM the following morning.



We do not deliver freight or baggage without it being pre-arranged with our office.

Freight or bags will not be delivered without pre-payment.

The minimum delivery charge is $20 (up to 10 kg.), plus $20 for each additional 10 kg.

Deliveries must be picked up from the bus at our terminals.

( We can sometimes make deliveries to a drop off location, for an additional fee of $20, if pre-arranged with us.)

Please call our office to make the arrangements for delivery.