Reservations can be made using a Visa or Mastercard.

Online – by using the secure reservation page on our web site.

Phone – by calling us toll free from anywhere in Canada at 1-888-999-2288, or at our Victoria office at 1-250-477-8700

Individuals can save 20%, groups can save 40%, on return fares by making return trip reservations.

Changing Reservations:

Changes to reservations can be made up to the reservation date with no penalty. Changes made within 10 days of the reservation date are subject to availability. If seats are not available for the new date, you can cancel your reservation ( the cancellation policy will apply ), or you can receive a credit for your fare which must be used in the same calendar year.

Cancellation Policy:

Cancellations require 10 days notice to receive a complete refund
(less a $5.00 administration fee)

Cancellations received with less than 10 days notice will be charged 10% per day ( example: 9 days notice = 90% return, 8 days notice = 80% return, etc.) There will be no refund when no notice is given to the West Coast Trail Express Office.

Priority Seating:

Hikers with reservations, finishing the trail any day before their return reservation date, and up to 2 days after, have priority seating on the bus. They are given seats on the bus before anyone without reservations. This is not a guarantee that these hikers will have a seat. If the bus is fully booked, and there are no seats available, these hikers will have to wait for the bus on the following day. We advise anyone who is going to be early or late to call our office and give us notice. The more notice we have, the more likely we can have seats available.


There is no charge for the first piece of luggage (up to 20 kg). There is a $20 fee for each additional piece of luggage up to 20 lbs. There is an extra charge for very large bags, or for bags over 20lbs. You must transfer your own luggage at terminals and bus change points.

Baggage Liability:

West coast Trail Express Inc. accepts no responsibility for lost/damaged or stolen baggage.

Prohibited Items for Checked Baggage:

Acids, ammunition, animals, batteries, bicycles, explosives, film, firearms, materials with a disagreeable odour, poisons, protruding articles, perishable items, articles in plastic or paper bags.

Passengers Rules While on Board:

No smoking, alcohol, drugs, or unruly behaviour. Food and drink is allowed. Please put waste in the waste basket in the front of the bus.

Hiking Supplies:

We can deliver sold or rental items to hikers when they board our bus on their departure date if pre-arranged, and renters can return the rented items to our bus driver on their return trip. Rentals will be charged from the time the rental supplies are delivered to the renter, until the time they are returned to our office in Victoria. A Visa or Mastercard deposit must be made on any rented equipment, and the renter must pay for any damage caused to the equipment.

Shoulder Season Bus Service:

May 1 – May 15. The Shuttle Bus will be operating on odd numbered calendar days only during the Shoulder Season ( 1st, 3rd, 5th., etc.). Reservations are required. It is recommended that we be notified at least 3 days before the reservation date.