For Sale

Propane/Butane Fuel.
220g. Canisters

$10.00 (tax included)

Camping Gas
White Gas 1lt.


$15.00 (tax included)

For Rent

Hiking Stove

$25.00 per Week

2 & 3 Man Tents


$75.00 & $150 per Week



$20.00 per Week

Thermarest Sleeping Pads


$25.00 per Week

Bear Spray

$15.00 per week

(if you use it you buy it for $50)











Buying or Renting Gear

Call our office to make arrangements for sales and rentals.

We can deliver sale or rental items to hikers when they board the bus on their departure date if pre-arranged.

Renters can return the rented items to out driver on the return trip.

Rentals will be charged from the time the rental supplies are delivered to the renter, until the time they are returned to our office in Victoria.

A VISA or MasterCard Deposit must be made on any rented equipment, and the renter must pay for any damage caused to the equipment.

There is a minimum 1 week charge on all rentals.